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Once you’ve found you perfect place, go ahead and complete your application. It’s easy to do and most of it is online.

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In can be pretty hectic on move in day but our team will be there to welcome you and ensure that you are ready to go.

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We’ll be there to help and support you whenever needed during your time with us. After all, you need to study!

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What Type of Accommodation Suits You?

The Shared House

Sharing a student house with others can be a daunting prospect. Moving in with new people, or people you’ve only known for less than a year can sometimes be uncomfortable. If you already know the people that you want to share a student house with, you’ll know who does and does not make you tick.

However, it can also be very rewarding as you get to share your experiences, meet new friends and also offer and receive support from those around you.

Our one piece of advice is to set the ground rules immediately. This will make things much more comfortable for the duration of your stay.

The Shared Apartment

Some students decide to live with a partner. For these purposes a larger apartment or small house would be the best choice. Although they can be expensive, if two people are paying the rent they can actually be cheaper, or no more expensive, than renting a room in a shared house.

In signing any fixed term agreement it is important to take a realistic view about the nature of your relationship with your partner and the legal commitment you will be making in sharing a flat – will your relationship last longer than your contract?

The Studio Apartment

The studio apartment is an apartment with a single room. They are also known as single-room dwelling places or studio flats. A studio apartment typically consists of one large room that serves as the combined living, dining and bedroom. A variation, sometimes called an “alcove studio”, may have a very small separate area; this wing or nook is off the main area, and can be used for dining or sleeping. The apartment’s kitchen facilities may be located either in the central room or in a small separate area. The bathroom is usually in its own smaller room, while the toilet can be separated.